Anritsu (est.1895 in Japan) manufactures product inspection and detection equipment for food and pharma industries. Part of the Product Quality Assurance division of Anritsu Corp., we advance quality control programs with high-performing and reliable solutions. Our X-Ray Systems, Checkweighers, Metal Detectors, Combo Systems, Rejectors, and QuiCCA Software provide a superior ROI and ensure compliance with stringent quality control programs while protecting your brand. Our local branches in the US, Europe, Brazil, and Mexico are equipped with in-house service & parts dept., we deliver, install, and maintain in record time. With over 150,000 installations, we are the brand that is trusted to protect the safety and security of your customers.


Checkweighing pharmaceutical and industrial products is seamless with the SSV-h series. Equipped with a high speed and highly accurate force balance, every product is measured precisely to ensure each package contains the required amount of product.

The SSV-f series checkweighers are equipped with a highly versatile load cell for balance. A wide range of applications, including heavy products can be weighed on the SSVf. Dynamic checkweighing can be performed on heavy cartons, bags and canned products.

An extensive product lineup of rejectors has improved safety and validation, as well as improved speed (up to 2.1 times faster than conventional Anritsu products).

The next generation Multi-Lane Checkweigher comes in 150 models to accommodate nearly any line production application requiring high-speed precision weighing of small packaged products.

For tall products in containers such as beverages and seasonings in glass and plastic bottles.

Anritsu’s new large metal detector brings the unrivaled performance of M6-h dual-frequency technology to larger bulk and packaged products.

The new XR75 DualX X-Ray system can detect contaminants as small as 0.4mm and significantly improves detection of low-density or soft contaminants, such as bones in poultry and products with overlapping pieces in a pack or bag such as fries, frozen vegetables and chicken nuggets, among other food products.

Suitable for production lines where multiple products are inspected with one unit, normally placed after filling machines for sticks or tubes.

The XR75 Curtainless Up/Down Conveyor is ideal for lightweight packaged products and many unpackaged bulk applications.

The new Side View brings XR75 X-Ray technology and low TCO to rigid package inspection. Applications include PET bottles, standup pouches, vertical cartons and aseptic packaging.

Designed with ease of operation, low maintenance and cost of ownership in mind.

Recognizing the short-and-long-term requirements of today’s processors and manufacturers, our engineers designed the XR75 x-ray inspection / Advanced Long Life Technology to provide heightened sensitivity at reduced energy levels. Because of this, cost of ownership is significantly lowered and life cycles are extended.

Anritsu's checkweighers for grading are ideal for grading products ranging from seafood to vegetables. Graders automatically classify products into specified quantity and mass. The high-speed and highly accurate food grading checkweigher systems by Anritsu minimize operator workload. Its various functions also improve overall productivity because of its twin lines and user friendly software. The high-speed grading checkweigher systems are robust and easy-to-clean.

Space and cost savings is obtained with Anritsu's integrated inspection solution, the combination checkweigher and metal detector system. In one system you can receive high accuracy weighing and metal detection. This combination system is an integration of the SSV series checkweigher and duw series metal detector. This integrated solution combines the best-of-both worlds for safety compliance in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The Sanitary Design line-up consists of two models, one for packaged food and the other for unpackaged food. An air conditioner is equipped as standard to ensure the food is kept within its appropriate temperature limits to make sure it is delivered fresh and contaminant-free to its final destination. The enclosure and conveyor on both models are designed in accordance with the sanitary guidelines of the American Meat Institute (AMI). A high-pressure washable system also supports antibacterial production measures.

When large quantities of small packaged goods need to be inspected there are four models in the Specific Applications series of x-ray inspection systems. A large aperture infeed system allows for the inspection of large cartons, cases and bags, as well as those containing multiple small packs.

The hopper infeed is an excellent curtainless solution for unpackaged products like bulk crops like nuts or small frozen products including patties or nuggets.

Make sure you maintain continuous inspection of pumped products with the Pipeline x-ray system by Anritsu. The KD7483AFWH can inspect products 12 mm or smaller. This detection technology is suitable for the inspection of fluids and semi-solid products flowing in a pipe, such as sauces and fruit preparations. An air conditioner is equipped as standard.

With a waterproof and dustproof exterior, the SSV-i series checkweighers are designed for unpackaged foods. Its hygienic design allows for stringent sanitary control for unpackaged fresh food, such as fish, poultry and other meat products. The waterproof exterior is needed during the cleaning process to ensure that all parts of the checkweigher remain intact and fully operational after being sprayed down and sanitized. The checkweighing system is not only used for weighing products and checking for missing products, but is also used for controlling filler or fixed weight, data recording and line monitoring.

Anritsu's QuiCCA software is the overall quality management and quality control system for all of Anritsu's inspection equipment. This software supports all aspects of production including past logs, current status and future problems. A quality control manager will never have to worry about constantly monitoring status production again with QuiCCA software. Developed with unmanned full automation in mind, when it's connected to a mail server, the machine's status and error messages can be sent directly and automatically to your mobile phone. The quality management system also has centralized control of the operational status of the entire production line, allowing it to conduct causal analysis to detect abnormalities before they even occur.


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  • Broken popsicle sticks generate bad impressions, or can even cause serious injury among consumers. Thus the detection of broken, flaked, bent or cracked stick is a vital challenge of ice manufacturers. This article covers a brilliant story of our X-ray inspection system development team worked together with a Japanese customer who is well-known in the market, on how they could significantly enhance the detection capability of the faulty sticks inside of cartons.

  • A food processor was having difficulty accurately checkweighing packages of nuts in PET jars in varying sizes. The design of the bottom of the jar was causing the jar to wobble when large speed changes are made at transfer points impact checkweighing accuracy. By installing a checkweigher that could control allow individual speed settings for each conveyor and stored settings for each product they could control the unstable product and allow for weighing accuracy.

  • Checkweighers need to handle all the dynamic challenges that exist on a typical production line: variable speed products being run with different lengths and weights need to be accurate for each product even if there are outside influences such as heavy machinery moving nearby or fork trucks that can ca use vibration to the checkweigher. Read how SSV series checkweighers use advance signal processing and filtering to provide superior weighing accuracy.

  • Anritsu’s SSV series checkweighers and combinations systems have been designed to be very flexible with many capabilities built into the standard design. With that flexibility in mind, most settings are controlled by product to handle each product s unique requirement.

  • Aluminum clips and bones in chubs can lead to consumer complaints. These low density contaminants are usually difficult to detect, but the Anritsu XR75 x-ray system easily and repeatably finds these hazards, ensuring product quality.

  • Crops like berries often pick up unwanted stones or glass during harvesting. Because both stones and glass are lower density materials, they are challenging for most x-ray inspection systems to detect. Read how the Anritsu XR75 DualX uses dual-energy inspection to greatly enhance detection of lower density materials including the challenging glass and rocks. This technology enables reliable detection of these contaminants at low false reject rates – a true win-win solution for this difficult application.

  • Updated FDA guidelines present new risks and challenges for food manufacturers. Fortunately, X-ray inspection offers manufacturers an effective and scalable way to proactively mitigate risk. Find out how.

  • Surprise objects in food, and the anger and fear they create, can turn into viral news faster than you can say “recall!” Here are five considerations when upgrading from metal detection to X-Ray inspection.

  • Metal detectors and X-ray inspection systems are widely used for finding foreign body contamination. Let's see how these two systems can work together to improve contaminant detection.

  • This article provides insight into physical contaminant detection and explains why X-Ray technology is an excellent solution for eliminating physical contaminant concerns.


  • If you’re simply meeting your HACCP foreign material spec, you may be missing many potential cost-saving opportunities. Learn how greater detection levels can reduce your false reject rates as well as minimize or possibly eliminate your need to rework products.

  • In this video presentation from the recent PACK EXPO Connects virtual event we explain how our equipment, people and processes will make you choose Anritsu.

  • Do you know the true cost of consumer complaints to your company? Studies show that the average recall costs more than $10 million. See how Anritsu’s industry-leading inspection equipment can help you minimize complaints & recalls and ultimately save you money and protect your brand.

  • Limited in line space? This complete food inspection solution offers metal detector, checkweigher, x-ray, and reject in just 10 feet. Mike Ahern, Anritsu National Sales Manager, gives a quick overview of each piece of equipment.

  • Protect your products and advance your quality program with industry’s most advanced X-Ray inspection system.  The XR75 X-ray inspection system detects the smallest contaminants while using less power than similar models, reducing your total cost of ownership. It’s also engineered to be sanitary, easy to clean and easy to operate.

  • Protect your brand against recalls with the XR75, industry’s most advanced X-Ray inspection system, able to detect the smallest contaminants while increasing major component lifetime and reducing power consumption. 

  • When it comes to overall equipment effectiveness, Anritsu meat x-ray systems exceed industry standards and expectations. We understand that accuracy is a critical component to a meat processor’s success, so our Ultra HD technology is capable of detecting the most minute bone and metal contaminants down to 0.2mm ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel spheres at production line speeds. See differently and discover what you’ve been missing by checking out Anritsu’s advanced x-ray detection technology today!

  • Anritsu’s poultry bone x-ray detection solutions are the best in the marketplace today. Featuring the broadest spectrum of solutions – including Pipeline, Dual X, Packaged, and Bulk – our technology can detect poultry bones that are 2mm and smaller. With more solutions available than any competitor in the industry, we can meet all inspection needs.  See differently and discover what you’ve been missing by checking out our advanced x-ray detection technology today!

  • The goal of Anritsu’s x-ray inspection, checkweighers and metal detection technology solutions is to help packaged goods manufacturers achieve higher line efficiencies while focusing on ROI, TCO, and OEE. Designed to be more accurate and reliable, Anritsu’s x-ray detection equipment is the most advanced in the packaged goods marketplace today. See differently and discover what you’ve been missing by checking out Anritsu’s advanced x-ray detection technology today!

  • Detection 360 is Anritsu’s proprietary process, designed with your bottom line in mind. In just four steps, it precisely detects risks associated with product contaminants and missing items so you can achieve higher line efficiencies while focusing on ROI, TCO, and OEE. Through this program, you will identify opportunities, receive equipment solutions tailored for your exact application, and learn how to maximize performance with your new technology to drive efficiencies.  See differently and discover what you’ve been missing by learning more about Anritsu’s combination detection systems and Detection 360 today!