M33R Metal Detection System for Frozen Food Products


Performance and Productivity.
Next generation industrial food manufacturing metal detector offers a step-change in performance and very high sensitivity. Suitable for dry or deep frozen products inspection.

Better Brand Protection

Up to 25% better spherical sensitivity performance in dry applications; higher tuned frequency for extra flexibility and performance.

Designed for Efficiency

Automation of routine tasks increases efficiency. Enhanced stability for reduced false rejects. Icon-driven user interface simplifies operation.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

Access to higher level due diligence features for compliance with strict retailer requirements. Future-proof with expandable I/O and modular upgrades.

SENSE™ PlusLine Software Inside

Neutrally connected software oversees the optimized detection and rejection capabilities of the detector and system, plus extensive productivity tools.

Industrial metal detectors and metal detection systems can safely detect and reject metal contamination from production lines to help food manufacturers achieve compliance, minimize risk of product recalls and reduce production downtime. Metal detection systems are available for a range of food, non-food and pharmaceutical applications. Our portfolio includes tunnel and throat metal detectors, and gravity fall, pipeline, pharmaceutical and conveyorized metal detection systems. Metal Detection systems are specifically customized to help food manufacturers protect their brand and avoid costly contamination recalls.

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