Article | July 11, 2019

Lessons from A Massive Product Recall

Source: Eagle Product Inspection

By Christy Draus

Food Recalls Inevitable

Romaine lettuce has been in the news in recent months – and in plenty of consumer conversations – with the pulling of the product from store shelves around the U.S. Additional lettuce recalls, plus recalls tied to suspected metal contaminants in sausages, add up in the public consciousness and may erode overall confidence in food safety. Such widescale recalls – some tied to pathogens, others to contaminants put manufacturers on notice to maximize the ways they protect foods and beverages for human consumption. X-ray inspection systems are one way to bolster safety, by finding and rejecting contaminants before they lead to health risks. X-ray machines provide other benefits too, that help manufacturers stay out of the news and stay on course with their goals.