Case Study

Glass-in-Glass X-Ray Inspection Provides Peace Of Mind To Condiment Manufacturer

Source: Eagle Product Inspection
Pickled Food Jars 450x300

Located in the parish municipality of Proulxville, Produit de Nos Grand-Merès translated as ‘products from our grandmothers’ is a family company manufacturing an array of marinades and condiments, including mayonnaise, meat sauces, vinaigrettes, pickled eggs and ketchup. The company produces 1.5 million jars and bottles of product every year, which it sells to retail and food distributors.

For years, Produit de Nos Grand Merès relied on metal detection to protect against metal contamination. However, reductions in the level of sensitivity caused by the metal lids on the glass jars meant products had to be inspected before the caps were put on.

The solution was installing the Eagle™ Tall PRO XS which inspects sealed jars and bottles of varying sizes for all types of foreign bodies, including glass, and is simultaneously used for fill level inspection and mass measurement.