Article | November 6, 2015

FSMA Fridays: Supply Chain, Environmental Monitoring, And Distribution Centers For The Preventive Controls For Human And Animal Food Rules (Part One Of Three)

Source: Safety Chain Software
FSMA Fridays: Preventive Controls For Human And Animal Food (Part Three Of Five)

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In the previous FSMA Fridays series, SafetyChain’s VP of Marketing and Communications, Jill Bender, was joined by the Acheson Group’s Dr. David Acheson and Rolando Gonzalez to discuss the final rules regarding FSMA’s preventive controls for human and animal food. The same topic will be the subject of this month’s FSMA Fridays' discussion, as Jill Bender is joined by The Acheson Group’s David Acheson and Melanie Neumann to explore best practices within the supply chain, environmental monitoring, distribution centers, and more under FSMA’s preventive controls for human and animal food rules.

Jill Bender, VP of Marketing and Communications, SafetyChain Software: Hello, everyone. Welcome to FSMA Fridays. My name is Jill Bender hosting today’s session with SafetyChain Software. Today’s discussion will be a continuation of our last discussion where we dove into the preventive controls for human animal food since the final rules had just come out. There was a lot to cover, a lot of questions to answer and that absolutely merited continuing that conversation and what today we’ll focus a little bit more on supply chain environmental monitoring, distribution centers and a lot more we’ll welcome many questions.

As always, our agenda will go through a couple of pre-submitted questions and then we’ll give a quick overview on how TAG (The Acheson Group) and SafetyChain could help you with FSMA and, more importantly, get to all the questions.

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