Article | December 19, 2014

FSMA Fridays: FSMA's Final Rules — What You Should Do To Prepare Now (Part Three Of Three)

Source: Safety Chain Software
Safety Chain

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On the last Friday of every month, SafetyChain, a leading provider of food safety and quality assurance automation and compliance solutions, hosts FSMA Fridays™, the leading online forum for the food and beverage community to learn the latest information about the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Featuring Dr. David Acheson, the popular monthly interactive pod/webcast is sponsored by SafetyChain Software and The Acheson Group.

In the second portion of FSMA Fridays: FSMA's Final Rules — What You Should Do To Prepare Now, Barbara Levin and the Acheson Group Panel— Jennifer McEntire, Anne Sherod, and Valerie Scheidt — discussed what’s not going away with the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act and what food-producing companies should begin doing to prepare for it. Here, in the second portion, the panel dives deeper into the topic by handling questions from the pod/webcast’s live audience.

Barbara: What foreign supplier verification activities does a U.S. importer of foods from Canada need to follow? They're specifically mentioning dietary supplement components. What activities does that U.S. importer have to perform to meet the requirements of FSMA?

Jennifer: That's a good question because dietary supplements are called out a little bit specifically in the foreign supplier verification rules, regardless of whether they're being imported from Canada for somewhere else. I know Anne and Val both have worked in the dietary supplement world, and if either of you are willing to explain what those requirements are — it  depends on whether it's an ingredient, a component, or a finished product. Val, do you want to start, or do you want to pass it over to Anne?

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