Article | February 26, 2016

FSMA Fridays: FSMA Compliance Implementation Challenges And Guidance (Part Four Of Four)

Source: Safety Chain Software
Safety Chain Software

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In Part Three of FSMA Fridays: FSMA Compliance Implementation Challenges And Guidance, the Acheson Group’s Dr. Peyman Fatemi and Christopher Snabes, along with SafetyChain’s Jill Bender, began addressing questions from the webinar’s live audience around FSMA implementation challenges. Here, in the fourth and final portion of the series, the trio will continue answering the audience’s questions in real time.

Jill: How will supply chain controls work for pilot plants? I think this one’s interesting, something we haven’t seen before on FSMA Fridays. The question is, we see different suppliers daily, and this is a scenario of pilot plants. Is there a way for us to make the customer, for that day, responsible for this? This is around supply chain controls. That might be the stumper question of the day.

Peyman: Chris, do you want to take a stab at this, and then maybe I’ll chime in?

Christopher: If the supplier is not controlling for the known risks, they can inform that pilot plant, they’re supplying them with an item — say it has known to be hazardous for salmonella. The pilot plant would have to acknowledge that, document that, and document to the supplier that we accept it and we will control for that risk.

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