Case Study

Frozen Cake Manufacturer Uses Combination Metal Detector & Checkweigher Unit To Assure Quality

Source: Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection

Maximum product quality has to be guaranteed, and has come to be expected, from the customers of this frozen dessert specialist. Top quality checkweighing and metal detection systems are essential in ensuring this quality.

Grötsch Tiefkühl-Backwaren GmbH produces a range of exquisite frozen cakes - to meet customers’ specific requirements, as well as under the brand name “Heinersdorfer Torten”. Frozen cakes offer a practical alternative to home made treats, and are increasingly becoming the favorite amongst many consumers. Each and every delicious cake is produced by Grötsch following the traditionally recipe, without the addition of any preservatives. The high degree of product quality is an essential selling point to customers.

At their manufacturing facility in Berlin, Grötsch has installed modern checkweigher solutions with a metal detection system from METTLER TOLEDO. The modern inspection solution supports the quality management processes of manufacturers who are aware of the importance of quality in the food production industry.

Identifying and rejecting under and overweight products from the current production process is one of the benefits this CombiChecker has to offer. It will also identify any contaminants within the product at almost the same time. It ensures product quality in accordance with the International Food Standard (IFS). They inspect and document the product weight of packed products and, at the same time, detect any contaminants.

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