Factory Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

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Factory Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Actionable Intelligence for the Workplace: Factory MES provides Increased Productivity through Real-Time Shop Floor Management.

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Accelerated continuous improvement and efficient manufacturing execution are the foundation to staying ahead of the competition and expanding margins for any producer in this globally competitive landscape. This means eliminating wasteful activities, maximizing the performance of existing assets, and having the agility to flex the organization in real-time.

Manufacturing Execution Systems offer organizations a route to accelerated performance by unlocking the greatest assets within their factories – their people and plant. Armed with real time information on production operations and per-unit costs, factory floor teams are able to implement immediate reviews, make real-time adjustments and measure immediate performance improvements. This actionable intelligence is made possible by bridging the disconnect between the factory floor and the wider enterprise. Disparate data silos are consolidated into a single transparent intelligence engine that exposes and attacks waste, sets goals for improvement, and transforms the workplace into a culture of action.

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