Article | May 29, 2017

How To Create A Culture Of Action And Improve Your Productivity

Source: Aptean

Jack Payne, VP Product Management and Solutions Consulting at Aptean, explains how a Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) can drive a proactive culture and enable food and beverage manufacturers to improve communication, efficiency and profitability; as long as they fully engage their best asset – their workforce.

Political and social changes have had a significant impact on the demand for manufactured goods worldwide. The World Bank forecasts that global economic growth will achieve a moderate 2.7 per cent increase in 2017 and the pressure of rising costs is contributing to lower margins. In order to reduce these costs and improve margins, it is essential that businesses target productivity gains and improve efficiency among their workforce. Manufacturing is one sector where actionable insight is difficult to obtain to address these targets.  It often gets overlooked, as businesses focus their efforts on other key areas of the supply chain.