Article | August 8, 2016

Closing The Gaps In Food Safety Training: Results From The Global Food Safety Training Survey

Source: Alchemy Systems
Alchemy Systems


Food companies are under increasing pressure from customers, regulators, and consumers to improve food safety practices across the food chain. Frontline workers handling the food play a direct and critical role in food safety. But are they trained, monitored, and coached on proper food handling techniques and practices? Are they part of a strong food safety culture? Do companies have the right tools to train the modern workforce?

Food companies need hard facts to assess their own training programs and institute best practices. Alchemy Systems, in partnership with Campden BRI, SQF Institute, British Retail Consortium, SGS, and TSI, surveyed food manufacturers and processors from around the world about their food safety training needs, successes, and challenges. The survey was sent to over 25,000 small to large companies representing a wide range of food sectors including beverage, dairy, meat, retail, packaged foods, produce, and bakery.

This global survey has become a valuable benchmarking tool for companies to compare their food safety training program with their industry peers.