White Paper

Building An Effective Product Inspection Program

Source: Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection
Building An Effective Product Inspection Program

To be effective, X-Ray systems should form part of an all-encompassing, company-wide program that seeks to minimize foreign bodies and product defects in the first instance and, if they are detected, implements swift actions to prevent them reaching consumers. This white paper looks at how manufacturers can construct an effective product inspection program using X-Ray systems and, in doing so, explores the key elements and controls, responsibilities, attitudes, training, and documentation that underpin a successful and effective program.

1. Program Requirements
To ensure a product inspection program remains important and is effectively maintained, its adoption should be a strategic decision for the organization.

The design and implementation of the program should be governed by the varying needs and objectives of the organization, the product range manufactured, the processes and procedures employed, and the size and structure of the organization.

The program should also be proactive rather than reactive. For example, it should be used to prevent foreign bodies and product/packaging defects from occurring in the first place, not simply catch them before they leave the factory. The aim should be to have control over the complete process from the quality of supplied ingredients through to dealing with customer and consumer complaints.

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