Application Note

Automated Granola Bar Processing Improves Throughput

Source: Schenck Process LLC
Granola Bar Processing Application

The process begins with the operator entering the proper recipe into the DG-2000™ Group Manager for feeding various fruits, rice, and/or granola from the DISOCONT® controlled SolidsFlow® gravimetric vibratory feeders to a common belt conveyer. Each of the SolidsFlow® additive feeders incorporates a cantilevered stand design allowing the feeders to be wheeled away from the process to be cleaned off-line. The DISOCONT® controls are mounted on the feeder stands, making the feeder a stand-alone loss-in-weight system, which can be used off-line for other processes or test feeding of various new additives. After feeding the dry ingredients on to the belt conveyor the materials are dumped into a bucket elevator that feeds into a continuous mixer. At the same time a liquid flow meter ratios a sugar based slurry into the mixer. The mixing process binds all of the materials together, which then exit the mixer to a press line where the mix is formed into a sheet, sliced, and cut into individual granola bars. Lastly, the granola bars are conveyed to a packaging line where they are individually wrapped and packaged into bulk cases