Aggregation Solutions For Efficient Track And Trace Operations


METTLER TOLEDO‚Äč Track and Trace Aggregation Benefits

Simplifying the shipping of products requires aggregation to a higher packaging level. If the parent-child relationships are stored via the serial numbers during aggregation, it is also possible to track individual packages across the supply chain. Each aggregated group is assigned a parent code, creating an e-pedigree for each item. Cases or pallets can be further aggregated into shipping containers.

As pieces are added or removed, the association between the individual item and the aggregated code can be altered. This is managed through data entry on the software interface. Movement of each product is recorded from its creation on the production line, through to the warehouse of a wholesaler, and eventually the point of sale where the product's authenticity can be verified. Our PCE Line Manager software features a highly configurable aggregation process that supports manual and automated aggregation of pharmaceuticals. We also offer standalone or integrated aggregation solutions designed to fit into your existing production process.

360° Aggregation Technology Solutions

Aggregation of round products presents a challenge, as reading codes on a round surface is always difficult and reading multiple codes from a layer of vials requires additional hardware. One solution to this challenge is to print a helper code on the cap. The cap marking can be visible or invisible but requires additional hardware. The advantage of this solution is that multiple vials or bottles can be aggregated in one aggregation step.

This also increases process security, as the product is verified in the aggregated container. Another solution is to read and aggregate products item-by-item as they are packed into the aggregated container. Our Smart Camera 360 captures a 360° view of the product, locating the code and verifying its content. Containers are immediately placed in a case, and the serial numbers are aggregated together.

Integrated Aggregation Solutions

Integrated aggregation solutions are the optimal choice to adding the track and trace aggregation scenario to semi- and fully automated production lines. By retrofitting case packers or palletizers with the appropriate components, manufacturers can meet aggregation requirements without significant line changes or re-engineering of production processes.

The components of the integrated aggregation solution are designed for easy and space-saving integration and can be added to either existing or new production equipment. We work with customers and their 3rd party equipment suppliers to deliver production equipment with integrated aggregation capabilities, delivering the benefits of aggregation without having to sacrifice production space. Our expertise has allowed us to successfully add aggregation to hundreds of production lines in a variety of different production scenarios. We will work with you to find the most effective solution for your processes.

Manual Aggregation

At METTLER TOLEDO PCE, we work closely with the customer to understand the package, application and regulatory requirements in order to choose the right setup and configuration of the needed camera technology and components. It may end up being more effective to use a manual aggregation workflow instead of an automated one. Our manual aggregation systems support a minimum of two aggregation levels (such as case to pallet), and can be expanded to support more if necessary.

Whether you choose item-by-item or multi-item aggregation options, we have the expertise necessary to deliver the right technology for your specific workflow. Everything from the configuration of our software to the cameras or scanners required to verify and record your aggregation data is selected to deliver an efficient and cost effective aggregation solution.

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