Secondary Food Packaging Case Studies

  1. Paramount Citrus Implements End-Of-Line Solution To Accommodate Multiple Packaging Types

    When projected growth surpassed manual palletizing capabilities, Paramount Citrus looked for a solution that combined the speed of automation with flexibility to accommodate multiple packaging types.

  2. Grain Millers Gets A Smooth Fill

    There’s tired and there’s down for the count. Eugene, Oregon-based grain processor Grain Millers, Inc. was both before changing bagging machines in 2008. Today, with a new machine on its floor and workers who no longer have to break their backs to get the bagging job done, Grain Millers increased its production by about 40 percent.

  3. How End-Of-Line Packaging Helped Save Hostess Brands

    From Twinkies to Ho Hos, Ding Dongs and Cup Cakes, Hostess’s various product brands are a part of the childhood memories of many Americans. Not surprisingly, the news of them vanishing forever from store shelves at the end of 2012 started a large public outcry with last supplies being bought out within hours of the news and the temporary development of a flourishing market on eBay.

  4. Hybrid Palletizing Solution Hits Sweet Spot For Hershey

    Intelligrated integrates Alvey robotic and conventional palletizing system to handle Hershey’s wide range of product.

  5. Washington Fruit & Produce Enhances Food Traceability With Key Distribution Center Upgrades

    For Washington Fruit & Produce, Co., one of Washington state’s largest shippers of apples, maintaining the most effective technology possible for distribution center (DC) operations is a constant requirement.

  6. Consolidating Case Printing Processes Reaps Tasty Results For The Original Philadelphia Cheesesteak Co

    A Philly cheesesteak sandwich is a culinary indulgence to some and a dietary staple to others. Thin slices of beef, chicken or pork piled high on an Amoroso-style roll with lots of melted cheese is a palate-pleasing treat that originated in Philadelphia, but can now be found in sandwich shops all over the world.

  7. On-Demand Coding Helps Kettle Foods Maximize Uptime, Focus Its Passion On Chips

    Kettle Foods is passionate about making the best-tasting all-natural chips in the world. Since its beginning in 1982, the company has perfected the kettle-cooked style of potato chips, and today, Kettle Brand® potato chips are available in supermarkets and natural foods stores in all 50 states, as well as in Canada, Asia and Western Europe.

  8. Wixon Shortens Lead Time, Increases Production Speeds With Variable Data Coding Solutions

    Wixon, Inc., with headquarters in St. Francis, Wis., bills itself as “a 100-year-old company with the innovative drive of a start-up.

  9. Gas Analyzer Boosts Efficiency At Leading Snack Manufacturer

    KiMs is one of Scandinavia’s leading producers of crisps, nuts and snack foods. The company continually strives for improvements in efficiency, and to this end has adopted the Japanese-inspired approach of ‘lean production’, a manufacturing philosophy that considers the expenditure of resources on anything other than increasing value for the customer to be wasteful and therefore a target for elimination.

  10. Case Study: A Breakthrough In Snack-Packing Efficiency: Red Mill Welcomes The Ishida FPS

    By automating the packing of cases, using two Ishida Flexible Packing Systems (FPS), a major snack food company can now run an entire production and packing unit, from production and flavouring through to case-packed, palletised product, with a 60% reduction in labour costs.By Ishida Europe