PTI Packaging Technologies News and Articles

  1. Q&A: Karl Angele, CEO, Waldner Filling Systems

    WALDNER is active around the world, not only in Germany. For many years the corporation has been exporting approximately 75% of its DOSOMAT filling and packaging machines around the globe.

  2. Factors To Consider In Filling And Sterilization Systems

    In the food industry, it is important to consider that sterilization isn’t a “one size fits all” type of formula. Only few products are packed in a completely sterilized manner. Karl Angele, Managing Director of Hermann WALDNER states: “It does not make sense to use a sledge-hammer to crack a nut”. Certain product sensitive foods like food for babies, UHT (ultra high temperature pasteurization), require the utmost sterilization.

  3. Dynamics of Package Leak Testing Webinar: Oct 19, 2017, 11 AM EST

    PACKAGING TECHNOLOGIES & INSPECTION Dynamics of Package Leak Testing The package protects the product from environmental contamination and product degradation. Every product benefits from having a leak-free package. How you approach the application, evaluate the product requirements and assess the best approach for package testing is critical. This presentation will cover a variety of considerations, factors and variables on approaching a package application for leak testing. The presentation will provide a series of key takeaways you can apply to any package integrity test. A formal process using scientific principles to address product quality requirements will support attendees in applying these approaches to their own products.

  4. Container Closure Integrity Testing For High Risk Packaging Applications

    Vacuum decay technology is capable of detecting package leaks and invisible defects using a differential pressure transducer leak test system. It's also non-invasive, non-subjective and requires no sample preparation.

  5. Global Leaders In Package Testing Equipment

    PTI will showcase two revolutionary inspection technologies

  6. Non-Destructive Package Inspection System At MD&M West, West Pack 2017 Conference

    PTI will showcase our VeriPac FLEX System with Integrated Test Chamber.

  7. New Website Dedicated To Leak Testing & Container Closure Integrity Testing Technologies

    PTI is the leading equipment manufacturer of non-destructive package inspection solutions for high risk packaging applications. We specialize in technologies for the pharmaceutical, medical device and food industries. We offer inspection systems for package integrity testing, seal integrity, leak testing and container closure integrity testing (CCIT). Our technologies exclude subjectivity from package testing, and use test methods that conform to ASTM and other regulatory standards.

  8. Plant Processes 40 G And 75 G Cups Of Pâté At 20,000 Units Per Hour With Waldner Cup Filling System

    DOSOMATS Have Proven Themselves As a Constant In The Paté Business. Vegetarian in Belgrade? A difficult matter. “You eat bread, you love meat“*: a mantra that holds true in the Serbian capital. Correspondingly a lot of meat is used in Balkan cooking. WALDNER delivered a new high-performance DOSOMAT 12.8 to one of the largest meat processors in Serbia, a regular customer. This plant processes 40 g and 75 g cups of pâté at a capacity of 20,000 units per hour.

  9. How Is Cream Cheese Filled Into Cups? An Interview With Managing Director Karl Angele

    High-performance, reliable, and unique are three words you would want to describe your filling and closing machine. Why do so many customers put their trust in these filling systems? What is so special about them? And are there finite limits when it comes to customers‘ requirements? We wanted to get to the bottom of this success story and so we approached the Managing Director of Hermann WALDNER – Karl Angele to find out.

  10. Scheduled Demonstrations Available For DOSOMAT Filling And Sealing Equipment In Germany

    See the value and performance only a DOSOMAT can deliver. There is always a steady stream of DOSOMAT filling and sealing machines on the production floor at the Waldner factory in scenic Wangen, Germany. The following machines are currently available for demonstration through March 2016!