mettler-toledo ci-vision products

  1. Entry Level Modular Vision Inspection System

    Oriented Product Inspection An entry level vision inspection solution for oriented products, utilizing high quality smart cameras and lights. The system is able to expand should inspection needs change, supporting up to two smart cameras and four lights.

  2. Vision Inspection For Label, Print, And Packaging Applications

    A flexible vision inspection system for label, print, and packaging applications with an expandable design supporting the addition of future inspection applications.

  3. Turnkey Inspection For Un-Oriented Containers

    The METTLER TOLEDO Mosaic Compact is a turnkey inspection solution for round, un-oriented containers which utilizes a simpler, more accurate vision processing method than traditional 360° inspection solutions. The system is designed for easy operation by everyday users, reducing operator error.

  4. Label and Print Inspection for Round Containers

    Revolutionary. For inspecting round, un-oriented containers, the Mosaic’s breakthrough design uses a 6 camera “around the container” configuration to make sure every aspect of the label or print is consistently imaged. An optional top camera allows for additional inspection options.

  5. Print, label and Seal Inspection – CLS

    Top and bottom inspection. Because the CLS uses a line scan camera, inspections of labels on the bottom of a package are accomplished without additional product handling requirements. The top module adjusts automatically, allowing for packages of various sizes.

  6. Vision Inspection System for Label, Print and Package Defects

    Flexibility. The V6300 is easy to install, configure, operate and expand. As your needs increase the V6300 can keep pace.