Metal Contamination Products

  1. Checkweigher And Metal Detector Combination Systems

    Bringing together these two technologies with a single touchscreen user interface makes these combination systems optimal for all applications that require an effective brand protection program, and where floor space is at a premium.

  2. Metal Contamination Detection for Food Manufacturers

    All Eagle x-ray inspection systems are capable of metal detection (including stainless steel, ferrous and non-ferrous metals) in a broad range of applications and packaging types, widely used within the food and pharmaceutical industries.

  3. Magnet for Liquids, Pastes and Slurries: LIQUIMAG

    LIQUIMAG filter magnets were specifically designed and built to remove even the tiniest magnetic metal particles from many different kinds of liquid and paste products.

  4. Grate Magnet In Housing - Rare Earth, Easy To Clean

    Grate in Housing cleaning is reduced to a simple push-pull operation with Eriez Easy to Clean Tramp Iron Grate in Housings. The ETC incorporate the same Erium™ Ceramic or Rare Earth magnet material to remove ferrous contamination from free flowing products as it cascades through multiple grate rows combined with a simple push-pull cleaning operation.

  5. Metal Detectors: Vertical Packaging

    Throat and SuperThroat models of Safeline metal detectors are designed for installation in vertical bagging and filling applications in the food industry. Mettler-Toledo Safeline's patented "zero free metal zone" technology and custom support frames significantly reduce the space required between scales and baggers/fillers.

  6. Hi-G Pneumatic Line Magnet

    Used to remove fine metal contaminants in dilute-phase pneumatic conveying, MPI’s Pneumatic Line Magnet Hi-G boasts a sanitary design in all product contact areas, 100% stainless steel product areas, and powerful Rare Earth magnet material.

  7. High Performance Magnet For Food Applications

    Magnetic systems for the separation of ferrous contaminations from various materials in production and recycling industries.

  8. Metal Contaminant Detection for Food Processing and Packaging

    WIPOTEC-OCS metal contaminant detectors reliably detect any contamination of your products by the finest metal particles for food processing and packaging. Their usage provides greater customer trust in relation to the best possible product safety. Our detectors can be used both as stand-alone solutions and as space-saving combinations with WIPOTEC-OCS weighing technology.

  9. Baking Pan Magnets for Foreign Object Detection

    Bunting Magnetics Co. has raised the Bread Pan Magnet bar for both Proofing and Oven lines in the food processing industry. Featuring neodymium magnets for maximum holding power, Bunting Bread Pan Magnets are easy to use, easy to adjust (laterally or vertically) and are designed to ‘float’ on racks to maintain pan contact – even with warped or imperfect pans.

  10. Combination Checkweigher and Metal Detector Equipment