Metal Contamination Products

  1. Drum Separators, Rare Earth

    Ideal for when high purity is needed...

  2. Food And Pharmaceutical Metal Detector With Improved Sensitivity

    Eriez® proudly introduces the new Xtreme® Metal Detector. Launched at Pack Expo 2013, this American-made metal detector is generating excitement throughout the industry with its enhanced features, improved sensitivity, intuitive operation and exceptional reliability. This cutting-edge metal detector is truly “best in class” and offers the greatest dollar-for-dollar value of any detector on the market.

  3. Metal Separation Equipment For Meat Products

    The meatLINE detects and separates ferrous and non-ferrous metals from ground meat products as they are pumped toward stuffers or patty formers. The uniquely designed reject mechanism will remove metal contaminant without damaging the integrity of the ground meat.

  4. Hi-G Magnetic Tube

    Magnetic tubes are commonly used to remove small to medium sized ferrous tramp metal contaminants from a variety of product streams. Typical uses include removing metallic grit from hydraulic reservoirs to minimize wear on machine seals and bushings, and removing unwanted ferrous contaminants in food and chemical processing systems.

  5. Standard Food Metal Detector Conveyor - Rapicon MD

    The Rapicon offers six standard aperture sizes with two levels of metal detector technology (GLS or C-Scan GHF) for optimum flexibility to provide solutions that deliver the best performance and results.

  6. Centralized Product Inspection Monitoring Software

    Document your production and control your product inspection devices with data management software ProdX.

  7. Metalarm Metal Detectors

    The Eriez Metalarm Metal Detectors are in operation around the world protecting a wide range of machinery from damage by metal.

  8. Pipeline Metal Detector For Liquid Paste: Liquiscan PL

    The LIQUISCAN PL is a metal separator for pumped products. When metal is detected, the separator valve automatically redirects the contaminated product into a special container. LIQUISCAN PL metal separators are supplied on a stainless steel frame suitable for wall or table mounting. 

  9. Grate Magnets

    Extract small and fine iron when installed in steep-sloped, odd and irregular-shaped hoppers, vertical closed chutes and ducts...

  10. Pipeline Metal Detector For Sausages: Liquiscan VF+

    The LIQUISCAN VF+ is a metal separator for filling applications. When metal is detected, the separator valve automatically redirects the contaminated product into a special container. LIQUISCAN VF+ metal separators are supplied mounted on a mobile, height-adjustable stand. The low center of gravity and balanced design ensures good stability, especially when the system is moved.