Metal Contamination Products

  1. Eriez Rare Earth Roll Magnetic Separator

    Eriez Concentrated, high-intensity permanent magnetic fields combine with the force of gravity and controlled feeding to concentrate feebly magnetic ores and minerals...

  2. Drum Separators, Rare Earth

    Ideal for when high purity is needed...

  3. Pipeline Metal Separators for Food Manufacturing

    In our pipeline style metal separators series, we have two styles, the pipeLINE™ system is used for liquids or pastes in pressure conveying lines.

  4. Metal Detector Conveyor Systems

    Regardless of your metal detection application, Eriez has the conveyor system and reject device to meet your specific needs.

  5. Plate Magnets

    MPI's Plate Magenets are available with standard magnets and rare earth magnets in multiple variations.

  6. Metal Detector System For Conveyor Belt Applications: VARICON

    The VARICON metal detection system detects all metal contaminants (steel, special steel, aluminium, ...) – also metal contaminants that are enclosed in the product. It is used for the inspection of packed and unpacked piece goods. The VARICON-D series is designed for dry-area applications, the VARICON-W series for wet-area applications.

  7. Food Metal Detectors for Gravity Fall Applications: meTRON™ 05 CR

    Food Metal detectors that are used where space is limited and without a reject option. Gravity Free-Fall Style Food Metal Detectors can detect all metals, whether loose or encapsulated in the product flow.

  8. Cassel Metal Shark® Gravity Feed Metal Detectors

    Designed for the flour, grain, bulk material and free-flowing product industries, the METAL SHARK GF (gravity free-fall) metal detector promises maximum detection of magnetic and nonmagnetic contaminants. Generally integrated into a free-flowing product pipeline and enclosed in a 100% stainless steel housing, Cassel metal detectors help food processors and others to meet HACCP, IFS, BRC and GMP safety standards. The powered reject system, framing and controls are available in sanitary design for food-grade process applications.

  9. XE3 CombiChecker (Metal Detector + Checkweigher)

    The XE3 CombiChecker is a very compact in-line checkweigher and metal detection combination system incorporating not only all features, options and accessories of the standard XE3 checkweigher, but also including a highly sensitive metal detector.

  10. Magbox for Bulk Flow Materials

    This high-quality, high-performance magnet assures the efficient separation of the smallest ferrous and magnetised stainless steel contaminants.