Metal Contamination Products

  1. Magnetic Humps

    Eriez Magnetic Hump and Round pipe Separators provide a simple and effective way to remove tramp iron contamination from gravity or pneumatically conveyed dry, free flowing products...

  2. Remote Monitoring And Control Software For Food Metal Detectors

    Eriez SmartX7Link software allows users to remotely monitor, control and download logs for 1 or more Eriez Xtreme metal detectors; remote access is available from anywhere within the local network in which the metal detector resides.

  3. Round Spout Drawer Magnet

    MPI’s Round Spout Drawer Magnets (RSDM series) remove small to medium sized ferrous tramp metal contaminants from dry, granular, free- flowing product streams in round gravity-fed vertical chutes and spouts.

  4. Eriez Magnetic Separator/Metal Detector ‘Double Team’ Enables Optimum Product Purity

    Pairing Eriez Metal Detectors with Magnetic Separators provides unsurpassed protection from metal contamination in light industry applications.

  5. Food And Pharmaceutical Metal Detector With Improved Sensitivity

    Eriez® proudly introduces the new Xtreme® Metal Detector. Launched at Pack Expo 2013, this American-made metal detector is generating excitement throughout the industry with its enhanced features, improved sensitivity, intuitive operation and exceptional reliability. This cutting-edge metal detector is truly “best in class” and offers the greatest dollar-for-dollar value of any detector on the market.

  6. Pipeline Metal Detector For Liquid Paste: Liquiscan PL

    The LIQUISCAN PL is a metal separator for pumped products. When metal is detected, the separator valve automatically redirects the contaminated product into a special container. LIQUISCAN PL metal separators are supplied on a stainless steel frame suitable for wall or table mounting. 

  7. Cassel Metal Shark® Metal Detector for Liquid and Slurries

    This metal detector is typically used with fluid and paste-like products, and is appropriate for the food industry to ensure food safety. Boasting a sturdy stainless steel sensor and control unit housing, maintenance-free design and high quality construction, users benefit from reliable metal detector operation in even the most challenging industrial environments.

  8. Rota-Grates®

    Rotating grate processes material that would otherwise bridge traditional grate assemblies (flour, cocoa or starch). Eriez' Rota-Grate® reel incorporates Erium™ Ceramic or Rare Earth magnet material to remove ferrous contamination from light fluffy products as it rotates through the product flow.

  9. Drum Magnet System For Bulk Materials: TMG

    This system is suitable for a continuous separation of tramp iron and midsized ferrous contamination from various dry bulk materials. A adjust-able 180° magnetic section inside the rotating drum shell attracts the ferrous contaminants and rotates them out of the material flow. After leaving the terminated magnetic field all separated particles fall off the system. Non-ferrous materials pass the drum separator unaffected.

  10. Food Metal Detection Equipment For FSMA Compliance

    Protect your product and your reputation in today’s competitive marketplace with Thermo Scientific™ Metal Detectors. Our customized metal detection systems provide reliable, cost-effective protection from even the smallest metal contaminants found in food production anywhere in a process. FSMA plays a large role in how metal detection systems will be viewed in the future for food manufacturers and their suppliers.