Metal Contamination Products

  1. Hi-G Magnetic Tube

    Magnetic tubes are commonly used to remove small to medium sized ferrous tramp metal contaminants from a variety of product streams. Typical uses include removing metallic grit from hydraulic reservoirs to minimize wear on machine seals and bushings, and removing unwanted ferrous contaminants in food and chemical processing systems.

  2. Cornerstone CombiChecker

    Hi-Speed Cornerstone checkweighers can be provided in a wide variety of configurations ranging from compact, two-conveyor systems to those which integrate timing and spacing conveyors, metal detectors, and multiple reject mechanisms all on one standard, easy-to-install frame. Combined with the full featured HI-SPEED XS user interface, Cornerstone delivers maximum checkweighing performance and capabilities as well as superior protection against all types of metal contamination with minimal false rejects.

  3. Combination Checkweigher and Metal Detector Equipment
  4. Drum Magnet System For Bulk Materials: TMG

    This system is suitable for a continuous separation of tramp iron and midsized ferrous contamination from various dry bulk materials. A adjust-able 180° magnetic section inside the rotating drum shell attracts the ferrous contaminants and rotates them out of the material flow. After leaving the terminated magnetic field all separated particles fall off the system. Non-ferrous materials pass the drum separator unaffected.

  5. Hi-G Pneumatic Line Magnet

    Used to remove fine metal contaminants in dilute-phase pneumatic conveying, MPI’s Pneumatic Line Magnet Hi-G boasts a sanitary design in all product contact areas, 100% stainless steel product areas, and powerful Rare Earth magnet material.

  6. Metal Contaminant Detection for Food Processing and Packaging

    WIPOTEC-OCS metal contaminant detectors reliably detect any contamination of your products by the finest metal particles for food processing and packaging. Their usage provides greater customer trust in relation to the best possible product safety. Our detectors can be used both as stand-alone solutions and as space-saving combinations with WIPOTEC-OCS weighing technology.

  7. Grate Magnet In Housing - Rare Earth, Easy To Clean

    Grate in Housing cleaning is reduced to a simple push-pull operation with Eriez Easy to Clean Tramp Iron Grate in Housings. The ETC incorporate the same Erium™ Ceramic or Rare Earth magnet material to remove ferrous contamination from free flowing products as it cascades through multiple grate rows combined with a simple push-pull cleaning operation.

  8. Magnet for Liquids, Pastes and Slurries: LIQUIMAG

    LIQUIMAG filter magnets were specifically designed and built to remove even the tiniest magnetic metal particles from many different kinds of liquid and paste products.

  9. Drawer Type Magnetic Grates, Model D-2

    Double row tube magnet in drawer style grate. Designed for closed chutes and ducts, this double bank model comes complete with removable deflector grid, handle, and latch.

  10. Round Spout Drawer Magnet

    MPI’s Round Spout Drawer Magnets (RSDM series) remove small to medium sized ferrous tramp metal contaminants from dry, granular, free- flowing product streams in round gravity-fed vertical chutes and spouts.