Maharshi Pharmaceutical Labeling Equipment

  1. Double Side Labelling Machine

    Versatile equipment offering single side or double side simultaneously on any shape and size containers.

  2. HLC-120 Automatic Sticker Labelling Machine

    Automatic Sticker Labelling machine suitable for Top application on the carton/boxes.

  3. VSC-HS-A/V Automatic Sticker Labelling Machine

    Your solution for ampoule, vial or any vertical small round container labelling.

  4. VSC-VLC-120 Full/Partial Wrap Around Labelling

    This model is used for Full / Partial Wrap Around Labelling on different size of round and other shape of containers. The unique feature of this machine is 'No change parts required for different dia. of containers' hence the down time is very less for change over.

  5. Flow Wrap Machine

    Automatic Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine is a versatile machine, which can wrap cylindrical, cubical and irregular shaped solid products like I.V. Fluid Bottles / Soap / Bearing / Disposable syringe / Pencil Cells / Piston Rings / Spark Plug / Plastic Spoon / Pre-filled pouches / Scrub pads and Similar Product in pillow pack pouch.

  6. Stand Alone – Hologram Applicator/Label Applicator

    Take advantage of operating speeds up to 400 Products/min. to increase line efficiency.