Food Material Handling Products

  1. Conveyor Belt Scales

    For continuous flow rates up to 15,000 tons per hour, Schenck Process’ BEMP single idler belt scale combines quality, performance, and affordability in a modular package that can be shipped from stock.

  2. Vibratory Feeder - 48A

    This model is big enough to handle feeding jobs pouring out up to 12 tons per hr. It has many applications including controlled feeding to conveyor belts, grinders, packaging machines and more.

  3. Conveyors - Mechanical Tuned Two-Mass

    Low-horsepower, high-capacity units for the controlled transfer of bulk materials. Compact design presents low profile, requires minimum headroom.

  4. Mobile Pneumatic Vacuum Conveyor

    This mobile vacuum conveying system is well suited for applications requiring a means of transferring dry bulk materials between varying pick-up and discharge points.

  5. Nilfisk A15 Industrial Vacuum

    The Nilfisk A15 is a high-performance compressed air industrial vacuum designed for environments where electricity is either unavailable or undesirable.

  6. Tomra Sorter for Potato Processors with Peel Control

    The TOMRA 5A sorting system, a state-of-the-art machine for the potato processing business, supports processors by combining a straightforward and brand-new graphical user interface with stable sorting performance, while increasing the level of food safety and quality with minimal product waste.

  7. Conveyors - Single Mass

    Conveyors - Highly efficient single mass conveyors are designed to move bulk material reliably and economically. Flow rates to 18 tph (16mtph)...

  8. Tray Vibratory Feeders For Food Manufacturing

    High speed feeders, high deflection feeders and horizontal motion conveyors can be used to move material continuously or intermittently. Eriez line of electromagnetic and mechanical feeders includes designs for everything from bulk granular ingredients, fine fluffy powders, and sticky or even leafy products. We combine quick stopping characteristic with linear controlling to assure accurate handling of materials for efficiency in mixing, weighing, batching, packaging and bagging operations.

  9. Nilfisk T Plus Series Industrial Vacuum

    The Nilfisk T26 Plus industrial vacuum cleaner is the ultimate workhorse. It quickly removes dirt, debris, and liquids.

  10. Industrial Vacuum Conveyors: Food And Pharma Applications

    Pneumatic conveyors exploit the depression created inside the container to suck powders, mixtures, granules and capsules which will then be released into an appropriate place in a fixed time and quantity.