Food Material Handling Products

  1. Metal Detector Conveyor Systems

    Regardless of your metal detection application, Eriez has the conveyor system and reject device to meet your specific needs.

  2. Tray Vibratory Feeders For Food Manufacturing

    High speed feeders, high deflection feeders and horizontal motion conveyors can be used to move material continuously or intermittently. Eriez line of electromagnetic and mechanical feeders includes designs for everything from bulk granular ingredients, fine fluffy powders, and sticky or even leafy products. We combine quick stopping characteristic with linear controlling to assure accurate handling of materials for efficiency in mixing, weighing, batching, packaging and bagging operations.

  3. E-Z Slide™ Horizontal Motion Conveyors

    Eriez' Horizontal Motion Conveyors are the answer for those processors who have experienced damage to friable or delicate products caused by the hopping and tumbling action common to other types of conveyors and feeders...

  4. Mixing And Extrusion Of Breakfast Cereals

    All ingredients are fed one after the other into a vessel. The total batch is then mixed. A homogenous mixture is difficult to obtain since the ingredients generally have large differences in particle size, shape or density.

  5. Dry Bulk Material Handling Systems

    A bulk material handling system can increase your production and plant efficiency while decreasing your labor, material, and energy costs

  6. Proline T-mass 65I
    Direct measurement of gas mass flow. Provides temperature as an output.
  7. Vibratory Feeders - High Deflection

    Model HD Feeders are designed to handle powders and leafy products that normally could not be fed successfully in an electromagnetic feeder...

  8. Nilfisk T Plus Series Industrial Vacuum

    The Nilfisk T26 Plus industrial vacuum cleaner is the ultimate workhorse. It quickly removes dirt, debris, and liquids.

  9. Flexible Auger Conveyors

    Flexible Auger Conveyors are ideal for the metered transfer of powders and solids in an enclosed, dust-free environment. Using a single conveying tube that can flex to avoid objects is just one of the many advantages of the system.

  10. Scale Hoppers

    Working capacities ranging from 7 cu. ft. to 104 cu.ft.