Cleaning Multimedia

  1. J.O. Spice Uses Industrial Vacuum Cleaners To Increase Efficiency And Safety

    J.O. Spice needed a solution for cleaning high ceilings and other hard-to-reach areas. A single-phase, industrial vacuum enabled the company's maintenance staff to accomplish the job efficiently and safely.

  2. Keeping A 30,000-Square-Foot Food Production Facility Clean And Compliant With Industrial Vacuums

    Amy’s Bread, a 30,000-square-foot food manufacturing facility, produces bread 24/7. Because of this, ongoing cleaning is critical to meet health code inspections, wholesale customers' demands for a sanitary location, and staff "esprit de corps." This case study examines how the company met the challenge of containing flour and other ingredients using industrial vacuums.

  3. Video: FKL Series Pumps
    Stop rebuilding, replacing, and spending your valuable time on other PD pumps. Fristam's FKL pump simply runs better and lasts longer. True CIP means no parts are removed.
  4. Video: Filamatic DFS Non-Dockable Rotary Lobe Filler
    Filling--Accommodates a wide variety of liquid filling applications and fluid types. Easily read touch screen with electronic volume adjustment controls for speed and ease of setup. A variety of metering systems are available including piston, flowmeter, and lobe that can provide consistent results with wide range of fills up to 200+ cpm. Design models offer CIP (clean in place) or COP (clean-out-of-place)options.
  5. Video: S850 & CIP
    Design features of the Series 850 SeamFreeâ„¢ Minimum Hinge Flat Top belt revolutionize cleaning efficiency for sanitation-critical conveyor applications