Bacterial Detection Products

  1. Listeria Detection - Atlas Listeria LSP Detection Assay

    A rapid, accurate, and reliable molecular assay for detecting Listeria species in food and environmental samples.

  2. Testing For Environmental Listeria

    Choose a test that gives the highest resolution with a rapid time-to-result, to enable your process to achieve success.

  3. Pathogen Testing for Ready to Eat Foods

    Food Safety in the Ready to Eat Market has become more complex. Not only is it more important than ever to control the processing environment, controlling the ingredient supply chain is paramount to ensuring your brand and more importantly ensuring your customers and brand are protected.


  4. Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Readiness Program

    FSMA is the most sweeping reform of food safety laws in 60 years, requiring a top-down approach to hazard prevention. Your facility and processing, your personnel practices and training, and your supply chain must be in compliance with FSMA regulations. A wide range of safety initiatives is being put into effect to protect consumers. To avoid mandatory food recalls you must correctly implement Preventative Controls. This guide will help you prepare for and comply with FSMA regulations.

  5. Accu-Tab® For Poultry Processing

    Meet HACCP requirements and improve the effectiveness of your plant’s chlorination system by choosing the Accu-Tab system to replace your traditional bleach system.

  6. DR6000 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

    The UV-VIS spectrophotometer DR 6000 delivers top performance for both routine laboratory tasks and demanding photometry applications. This system is designed for the effective work in professional laboratories. Intelligent software supports the lab manager in the calibration routine, quality assurance and development of customized application.

  7. Agglutinating Sera - Salmonella And Other Food-Borne Micro-Organisms

    The Remel range of ready-to-use Agglutinating Sera for the presumptive identification of cultured bacteria is now available from Oxoid Limited. These simple tests rapidly detect specific bacterial antigens for the identification, grouping and/or typing of Salmonella and other food-borne micro-organisms

  8. E.coli Pathogen Detection: Atlas® E.coli O157:H7 EG2 Detection Assay

    A rapid, accurate, and reliable molecular test for E. coli O157:H7 detection from food samples.

  9. Listeria m - Atlas Listeria monocytogenes LmG2 Detection Assay

    A rapid, accurate, and reliable molecular assay for detecting the pathogen that causes listeriosis.

  10. E coli Testing for Beef Processors

    Roka offers accurate tests with the fast time to results on a single platform with a robust variety of validated matrices across the beef process chain. The Atlas E. coli O157:H7 EG2, STEC EG2 Combo, and Salmonella SEN Detection Assays offer unparalleled ease of use while maintaining accuracy and sensitivity. While other tests require tedious multistep preparation processes, the Atlas Assays have an easy 3-step process that generates accurate results faster.