The NPD Amsterdam Food and Drink Conference - Trends and Innovations 2022

June 30, 2022 - GB

Global Insight Conferences

Entice Consumers and Send Sales Sky Rocketing With Market-Leading, On-Trend NPD and Product Innovations That Meet Consumer Demands For Healthy, Sustainable and Convenient Products With The Hottest Global Ingredients, Cutting-Edge Flavours and Packaging Innovations. A European, Brand-Led, One-Day Conference and Networking Event, 30th June 2022, Amsterdam. 1. Lucrative Health and Wellness Trends: Capitalise on health-conscious consumers with market-leading NPD which satisfies demand and promotes health benefits 2. Green Products, Commercial Success: How can you successfully deliver on-trend, low-impact products and integrate sustainability strategies into your business DNA? 3. Game-Changing Ingredients and Flavours: Explore the latest flavours and ingredients to capture consumer attention and deliver real results in your NPD portfolio 4. Trend-Driven Innovation and Critical Consumer and Shopper Behaviours: Power consumer-led NPD with insight-driven innovations for trailblazing, high-profit products 5. Showcase NPD Success! Exceed expectations with game-changing product development that keep up with ever-evolving trends for a competitive advantage 6. Drive Forward Packaging and Plastics Progress: Pave the way with high-quality, environmentally friendly yet functional and fit-for-budget packaging solutions 7. Plant-Powered NPD! Reach beyond vegans and vegetarians with cutting-edge products that excite all consumers 8. On-The-Go Products For On-The-Go Consumers: Captivate time-poor consumers with trend-led snacking and convenience innovations that fly off the shelves 9. Global Trends and International Influence: Translate global trends into new flavours and combinations that grab attention and diversify your product portfolio 10. Brand New and Refreshed Drinks Insights: Design and develop an exciting and appealing drinks portfolio for lucrative and on-trend product development PLUS! Why Attend Europe's Leading Food and Drink NPD Amsterdam Conference? Brand New Insights From Gorillas, Danone, Unilever and More! 3 Interactive Panel Discussions: A) Health and Wellness Trends B) Consumer Trends, Innovations and Shopper Behaviours C) Plant-Based Innovations Peer-To-Peer Breakout Discussions 13 International Perspectives URLs: Brochure: Brochure: Price: Brand rate starting from:: EUR 539.00 Time: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

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