Applied Food & Feed Extrusion
July 22 - 24, 2019 - Bangkok AU

Food Industry Engineering
Phone: +61414681200

A Unique Approach to Applied Extrusion Training We have been presenting “Food and Feed Extrusion” courses in Australia and internationally since 1996. That course, while very practically oriented, is dominated by lecture-style presentations, supported by a single practical demonstration. This “applied" extrusion course, which we have presented in Thailand since 2011, takes a different approach, providing participants with an understanding of the theory of the extrusion process, combined with pilot plant exercises demonstrating how the principles are applied across different products and extruder types. Introductory sessions cover relevant extrusion theory, followed by discussion in which the product formulation, and screw configuration/ process parameters are “designed”. Then we go to the pilot plant and make the product - running the formulation with the designed screw profile. While a limited number of specific products can be made during the program, the range is selected to demonstrate the principles and issues involved across the range of types of extruded products – including expanded snacks and breakfast cereals, pastas and third generation snack pellets, textured vegetable proteins, pet foods and aqua-feeds. Five different products are made on three different types of extruder (long barrel single screw, twin screw, and collet extruders) during the three-day course.

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