Eriez is recognized as world authority in separation technologies. The company’s magnetic separation, metal detection, materials feeding, screening, conveying and controlling equipment have application in all of the process, metalworking, packaging, recycling, mining, aggregate and textile industries. Eriez manufactures and markets these products through ten international facilities located on five continents.

Products and Services Include:

Magnetic Separators
Separation equipment includes magnetic plates, grates, and traps, rolls and tubes, drum separators, ferrous traps, magnetic pulleys, magnetic sweepers, non-ferrous eddy current separators, and electromagnetic separators...for removing fine and large tramp iron from various materials, and at the same time protecting machinery.

Metal Detectors - Industrial
Eriez manufactures the broadest range of metal detectors in the industry. Whether looking for small ferrous or nonferrous metal pieces, tramp metal, we can provide you with a metal detector to solve practically every metal contamination problem. Contact us for our assistance in selecting the appropriate metal detector for your application.

Vibratory Feeders and Conveyors
Eriez offers a complete line of vibratory equipment to convey, screen and feed materials in quantities ranging from a few spoonfuls to tons per hour. If the many standard systems available are not quite right for your operation, Eriez' Technical Center can develop custom-designed vibratory and screening equipment to precisely meet your needs.


Eriez mechanical feeders are simple, rugged, vibrating machines designed to handle a variety of bulk materials. The conveyors are available in single-mass and two-mass vibrating systems excited by a motor-driven eccentric shaft. Springs vary according to the type of application.

The Xtreme® rectangular aperture industrial metal detector raises the bar in terms of superior sensitivity, ease of use and reliability.

Eriez SmartX7Link software allows users to remotely monitor, control and download logs for 1 or more Eriez Xtreme metal detectors; remote access is available from anywhere within the local network in which the metal detector resides.

High speed feeders, high deflection feeders and horizontal motion conveyors can be used to move material continuously or intermittently. Eriez line of electromagnetic and mechanical feeders includes designs for everything from bulk granular ingredients, fine fluffy powders, and sticky or even leafy products. We combine quick stopping characteristic with linear controlling to assure accurate handling of materials for efficiency in mixing, weighing, batching, packaging and bagging operations.

Eriez' offers a broad range of Plate Magnets for food manufacturing which remove unwanted ferrous metals, protect equipment from damage and improve the downstream processing purity of your product. Eriez plate magnets are available in five magnetic strengths. These magnets can be installed in chutes, feed tables and over conveyor belts. These are ideal for food manufacturing to eliminate costly metals and foreign objects in your product streamline. Sizes range from 4 to 72-inches (102 to 1828mm) and are available in stainless steel and sanitary construction, with tapered steps and removable face plates.

Eriez is proud to announce the next level of performance, Eriez RE7 Xtreme. Whether it's protecting downstream equipment from damage or ensuring your consumer's products are free of metal contaminants, Eriez offers the leading technology to identify and remove all types of metal, including work-hardened stainless steel!

Offer up to 25 times more pull than conventional permanent ferrite magnets. Recommended for removing fine and weakly magnetic contaminants. Erium 3000 Rare Earth is available in tube, grate, self-cleaning grate, trap, plate, round pipe, hump, cartridge, dry drum, wet drum and roll separators to purify a wide range of products.

All new from the ground up, Eriez’ new Xtreme® Metal Detector sets the standard for “best in class” performance and offers the greatest dollar-for-dollar value of any detector on the market. This feature-rich, multi-frequency unit is designed to achieve the highest levels of sensitivity to detect small ferrous and non-ferrous metal contaminants in sanitary and non-sanitary environments.

Combine the Xtreme’s benchmark-setting sensitivities with its feature packed controls in a high-pressure wash-down aperture head... all at an extremely attractive price, and you’ve got the best dollar-for-dollar value on the market today. In its base package, the Xtreme offers a huge 7-inch easy-to-use touch screen interface, multiple preprogrammed languages, easy set-up and reporting, multiple USB and interface ports, remote access and the standard high-pressure wash down design.

Extremely sensitive metal detector capable of detecting ferrous, nonferrous and stainless steel metals in dry and conductive products produced in the food, dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical, paper, plastics, rubber and textile industries.

Eriez standard conveyor system includes a continuously welded series 304 stainless steel frame, wash-down drive, variable speed control, UHMW slider bed, food grade polypropylene (plastic chain) belt, stop-belt reject and combination beacon and horn. The conveyor electronics are housed within a NEMA 4X enclosure with start/stop switch for both the metal detector and conveyor. The entire system is supported by adjustable articulated foot pads.

Eriez' Xtreme Pharmaceutical Metal Detectors have been designed for the detection and removal of minute pieces of ferrous, nonferrous and stainless steel contaminants.

Eriez' PolyMag® additives impart Metal Detectability, X-Ray Contrast and Magnetic Susceptibility into plastic moldings to prevent plastic contaminated food products from reaching the consumer.

Pairing Eriez Metal Detectors with Magnetic Separators provides unsurpassed protection from metal contamination in light industry applications.

Eriez® proudly introduces the new Xtreme® Metal Detector. Launched at Pack Expo 2013, this American-made metal detector is generating excitement throughout the industry with its enhanced features, improved sensitivity, intuitive operation and exceptional reliability. This cutting-edge metal detector is truly “best in class” and offers the greatest dollar-for-dollar value of any detector on the market.

Regardless of your metal detection application, Eriez has the conveyor system and reject device to meet your specific needs.

The smallest feeder in this category. This economical model will give precise feeding of the most minute amounts of materials. It is ideal for additive feeding, small packaging operations and laboratory use. Tray and control available.

This model is completely enclosed so the drive element is protected against damage or decreased efficiency due to contamination by moisture and foreign materials.

This unit is ideal for handling abrasives, slag, coal, grain, or wherever precisely controlled feeding of large volumes of dry bulk materials is required.

Feeds dry granular materials up to 1,600 pounds (727 kilograms) per hr.

Rugged construction makes this an ideal unit for medium duty industrial applications in food plants, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, abrasives, plastics and other applications that demand the most precise control.

This model is big enough to handle feeding jobs pouring out up to 12 tons per hr. It has many applications including controlled feeding to conveyor belts, grinders, packaging machines and more.

Simple, cost effective magnet assembly incorporates Erium™ Ceramic or Rare Earth Tube magnets into a grate assembly to remove ferrous contamination from free flowing products as it cascades through the grate.

Rotating grate processes material that would otherwise bridge traditional grate assemblies (flour, cocoa or starch). Eriez' Rota-Grate® reel incorporates Erium™ Ceramic or Rare Earth magnet material to remove ferrous contamination from light fluffy products as it rotates through the product flow.

Double row tube magnet in drawer style grate. Designed for closed chutes and ducts, this double bank model comes complete with removable deflector grid, handle, and latch.

Grate in Housing cleaning is reduced to a simple push-pull operation with Eriez Easy to Clean Tramp Iron Grate in Housings. The ETC incorporate the same Erium™ Ceramic or Rare Earth magnet material to remove ferrous contamination from free flowing products as it cascades through multiple grate rows combined with a simple push-pull cleaning operation.

Grate in Housing cleaning is completely automated for continuous product flows with Eriez Automatic GH12 Tramp Iron Grate in Housings.

Eriez Tramp Iron Grate in Housings (TGH) incorporate Erium™ Ceramic or Rare Earth magnet material to remove ferrous contamination from free flowing products as it cascades through multiple grate rows within a custom manufactured housing.

Vertical Reject Metal Detectors are excellent for detection and removal of ferrous, nonferrous and stainless metal contaminants in gravity fed powder or granulated products.

Regardless of your metal detection application, Eriez has the conveyor system and reject device to meet your specific needs.

Eriez Food Liquid Line or Pipeline Metal Detection System enhances product purity and protects vital downstream equipment from metal in the product stream for food manufacturers.

Tuf-Trac automatically moves ferrous materials such as chips, turnings and small parts in virtually any direction.

Our crusher reduces particle size by hammering on product and interparticulate attrition...

Checkweighers - The Metal Detector and In-Motion Checkweighers from Eriez Magnetics’ can handle many quality control requirements

Eriez' NEW Series FS Magnet Load Monitor patrols the magnetic field of suspended electromagnets for accumulation of ferrous contamination

The Eriez Metalarm Metal Detectors are in operation around the world protecting a wide range of machinery from damage by metal.

The magnetic collection of fine particles requires a high-intensity, high-gradient magnetic field. An electromagnetic matrix-type separator, referred to as a magnet filter, has proven to be the most effective method of separation...

Powerful, radialfield magnet removes tramp iron from dry, freeflowing materials in gravity or 25 psi pneumatic conveying lines.

Eriez Magnetic Hump and Round pipe Separators provide a simple and effective way to remove tramp iron contamination from gravity or pneumatically conveyed dry, free flowing products...

Eriez' Horizontal Motion Conveyors are the answer for those processors who have experienced damage to friable or delicate products caused by the hopping and tumbling action common to other types of conveyors and feeders...

Made up of a hopper, vibrator, feeder and controls. Assures accurate flow of dry bulk materials for weigh scales...

Low-horsepower, high-capacity units for the controlled transfer of bulk materials. Compact design presents low profile, requires minimum headroom.

Conveyors - Highly efficient single mass conveyors are designed to move bulk material reliably and economically. Flow rates to 18 tph (16mtph)...

Feeders and Conveyors - Low-horsepower, high-capacity mechanical feeders handle bulk materials in volumes up to 2250tph (2040mtph)...

Eight models for large capacity and difficult material handling operations up to 850tph (765mtph)...

Model HD Feeders are designed to handle powders and leafy products that normally could not be fed successfully in an electromagnetic feeder...

Feeders - Exceptionally high-speed feeding of light, bulky materials...

Feeders- Light and medium-duty feeders accurately feed and control material flows at rates ranging from pounds to many tons per hour...

Powerful magnetic HI-Filters remove fine ferrous and paramagnetic contaminants from flowing liquids...

Eriez Bin Vibrators are used in applications ranging from the tiniest hopper to huge bunkers...

Eriez offers a complete line of vibratory equipment to convey, screen and feed materials in quantities ranging from a few spoonfuls to tons per hour. If the many standard systems available are not quite right for your oper...

Eriez Concentrated, high-intensity permanent magnetic fields combine with the force of gravity and controlled feeding to concentrate feebly magnetic ores and minerals...

Eriez' line of powerful, permanent magnetic Ferrous Traps provide magnetic protection for liquid lines and processing equipment...

Ideal for when high purity is needed...

Remove unwanted ferrous metals, protect equipment from damage or improve the downstream processing purity of your product. Five magnetic strengths...

Extract small and fine iron when installed in steep-sloped, odd and irregular-shaped hoppers, vertical closed chutes and ducts...



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