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X-Ray Supports Growing Food Manufacturer

Source: Mekitec
X-Ray Supports Growing Health Food Manufacturer

X-Ray inspection units ensure the integrity of Dash of Masala’s Sassy Lassi health drinks, as the company expands from Austin farmer’s market to the shelves of Walmart and Sam’s Club.

Jaya Shrivastava launched her business the same way many health food manufacturing startups do — with a blender, a grocery sack full of fresh ingredients, and some spare time in her own kitchen. She tinkered with recipes, recruited friends and family to serve as her taste-testers, and began peddling all-natural, handmade probiotic yogurt drinks at a local farmer’s market in 2011.

Where Shrivastava differs from so many kitchen table CEOs is in the wild success she realized over the next 48 months. Today, Shrivastava leads Austin TX-based Dash Of Masala, manufacturerof a full line of no-additive, no preservative,and chemical-free Sassy Lassi yogurt drinks. Her products are now available on shelves at Central Market, Costco, H-E-B, Whole Foods,and most recently, thanks to a big win during the summer of 2015, Walmart, and Sam’s Club.