Case Study

X-Ray Inspection Boosts Safety And Quality For Health And Snack Food Maker

Source: Mekitec
Mekitec 1

A California health and snack company founded on the mission to deliver high quality and healthy food and snacks. They are champions in a niche were customer awareness and knowledge are high. In the health and nutrition food industry, where brand image is a crucial asset, the quality process has to be solid, but the company was ready to take it to the next level.

With a focus on quality control, the company inquired references with suppliers to ensure compliance of all possible standards and certifications. Consumers enjoy the company’s products and word-of-mouth about of their quality and nutrition about their products have spread and has helped their business expanded.

The growing customer demand and widening variety of products required more suppliers. Solid relationships with suppliers were still priority to keep the quality high, but the growing concern and willingness to ensure quality of every product leaving the manufacturer was still top of mind. Super food raw materials come from various global locations and in environments were quality control can be hard to obtain.

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