Application Note

X-Ray Inspection Of Trail Mix

Source: Eagle Product Inspection

The Eagle Pack 430 PRO with Material Discrimination X-ray technolgy (MDX) inspects trail mix products with multiple ingredients for foreign body contaminants, ensuring a safe product while maximizing product yield.

Trail Mix Challenges

  •  Distinguish harmful contaminants from good product
  •  Provide accurate weight through mass measurement

The Eagle Solution
The Eagle™ Pack 430 PRO is specifically designed to inspect mid-sized packaged products. When equipped with MDX, the dual energy x-ray system creates an easy-to-read image that distinguishes harmful contaminants from good product even if they share similar physical characteristics and densities as the dried fruit and nuts in the trail mix.  Standard and high-resolution packages are available to satisfy each customer’s specific requirements by balancing smaller contaminant detection and high line speeds.