X-Ray Inspection for Meat / Poultry: RMI 400

Source: Eagle Product Inspection
X-Ray Inspection for Meat / Poultry:  RMI 400

The Eagle RMI 400 x-ray inspection machine is specifically built for the meat and poultry industries for superior bone and contaminant detection, where daily sanitation and hygiene requirements are stringent.

Designed to NAMI standards, this system overcomes the material handling challenges of inspecting raw, unpackaged poultry and other meats. To reduce the number of surfaces product comes into contact, the RMI 400 incorporates innovative inclined infeed and out-feed conveyor which eliminate the need for radiation shielding curtains reducing time needed for sanitation cleaning.

By combining powerful SimulTask™ PRO imaging software with a user-friendly touchscreen, the RMI 400 inspects for contaminants such as:

  • bone
  • stainless steel and aluminum
  • glass
  • stone