Case Study

X-Ray Inspection Enables Meat Processor To Boost Output, Decrease Downtime

Source: Mekitec

Meat production is the largest food industry in Poland.  The market in this sector is competitive and with products being homogeneous between competitors. Brand value becomes highly valuable since in this space. A product differentiator from competitors and it difficult to replicate by competition.

A large meat producer in Poland, with   a good reputation, was   interested in exporting more of its products. In these unknown markets, where their brand recognition isn’t high, different standards and certifications works as a proof of quality. Concerning food quality standards, many certifications require inspection of your products leaving the facility, which is usually done by X-ray inspection systems or metal detectors.

The meat producers had one X-ray detector already, but it could only inspect one line and with nine product lines the current situation would end with lot of undetected products or slowing down of production. Although metal detectors are traditionally cheaper option, their weakness is that the can only detect metal and from the current X-ray device the manufacturer knew that most foreign object contamination came from other objects, such as bone, glass and stones.

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