Case Study

X-Ray Inspection And Checkweighing Help A German Snack Food Manufacturer Improve Product Quality And Prevent Contamination

Source: Mekitec
One of Märsch’s COMBIMEKI systems in production.
One of Märsch’s COMBIMEKI systems in production.

The snack industry is a highly- competitive, brand- and reputation- driven market where products that taste the best and have a positive image guide consumer purchasing decisions. Snack foods often contain a wide range of different ingredients from various raw material suppliers. This — combined with attractive, but challenging packaging processes — poses a contamination risk, especially for conventional metal detectors. Snack producers need to increasingly evaluate more sophisticated solutions for foreign object detection. Märsch Importshandels-GmbH, a German nut and dried fruits packaging company, found the optimal solution for their process from the Finnish X-Ray inspection machine manufacturer Mekitec.

Founded in 1936, Märsch Importhandel- GmbH is a family-owned company specializing in the production of nuts and dried fruit. The company services European retail stores, as well as industrial clients in the candy industry. The plant produces around 35,000 tons of snack products in retail bags ranging in size from 50g to 1KG. Märsch Importhandels-GmbH’s daily production can reach a capacity of 230 tons with the main focus of its business on private label, packed into pouch bags, doy-bags, and four-seal bags.

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