White Paper

How Technology Provides Complete Visibility Across The Food Supply Chain

Source: IFS North America – Food

By Mike Lorbiecki, Vice President, IFS North America

Why Complete Traceability Is Important In The Food & Beverage Industry

How three key technology developments are enabling the Food & Beverage industry to provide full visibility across the entire supply chain

The European horse meat scandal and the 2014 expired meat incident in China have highlighted the immediate importance of being able to trace, with certainty and in detail, products as they pass through the supply chain. In the US alone, food recalls and foodborne illnesses bear an annual price tag of $77 billion, including discarded products, loss of revenue and healthcare costs. In the pharmaceuticals industry, the Drug Supply Chain Security Act introduced new regulations for manufacturers in 2014, making traceability even more important. On top of this, the damage caused by a product recall to a company’s reputation can be even more devastating and much harder to recover.