What Is Influencing Packaging In Food And Dairy Applications?

Source: Food Online
Food Dairy Packaging

Food Online was broadcasting live at Process Expo 2015 in Chicago, recording podcasts with key exhibitors, speakers, and end users. Todd Schnick, host of Food Online Voices, spoke with influential industry leaders about hot topics in food and beverage manufacturing. These podcasts address the latest in technology and processes as described by individuals who are driving developments in food safety, processing, and packaging.

In this podcast, Nick Merriwether of IMA Dairy and Food, discusses with Food Online Voices some of the recent innovations within thermoformed containers and how those innovations are benefitting food manufacturers. Further, Merriwether explores what he believes to be the latest trends in packaging for food manufacturers and dairy processors. Finally, Merriwether addresses consumers’ demand for food products with extended shelf life and how active sterilization and packaging methods are helping meet that demand.

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