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What Can A Comprehensive Traceability Solution Do For You?

By Jack Payne, Vice President Of Solution Consulting For Process Manufacturing at Aptean

Jack Payne Aptean

Everyone knows traceability systems trace products from farm to fork, but these systems are capable of so much more. Food safety is all about prevention, but some of it relies on response, recordkeeping, and having accurate and timely data.

As a food manufacturer, packager, or distributor, it is your responsibility to give consumers, retailers, certification boards, and government agencies a view of the journey, all the way back to its origins. While traceability information is crucial in the event of a food-related recall or outbreak, it’s becoming more important in our customer-centric world for consumers to have confidence that both food-safety prevention and response do not get overlooked. In today’s high-speed and connected business environment, consumers and manufacturers across the supply chain can agree upon these things: the need for stronger brand protection, more awareness, and better control.

FSMA — Trust The Food On Your Plate
With the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) on the horizon, traceability helps manufacturers meet the requirements for rapid and thorough tracking. The CDC estimates 48 million people per year are being affected by foodborne illnesses, making food safety of utmost importance to consumers and companies within the food industry. FSMA has become the primary driver for improved traceability in the food industry, affirming the Bioterrorism Act of 2002anyone playing a role in the food supply chain must identify where the product was received and to where it was shipped, so that in the event of a food-safety event, public health can be better protected.

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