Washdown Checkweigher For Food Processing: SSVi

Washdown Checkweigher For Food Processing: SSVi

With a waterproof and dustproof exterior, the SSV-i series checkweighers are designed for unpackaged foods. Its hygienic design allows for stringent sanitary control for unpackaged fresh food, such as fish, poultry and other meat products. The waterproof exterior is needed during the cleaning process to ensure that all parts of the checkweigher remain intact and fully operational after being sprayed down and sanitized. The checkweighing system is not only used for weighing products and checking for missing products, but is also used for controlling filler or fixed weight, data recording and line monitoring.

Standard Features

  • Control Panel Exterior is Stainless Steel
  • Conveyor is Waterproof
  • Balance is Force Balance and Load Cell
  • Frame is Stainless Steel
  • Color LCD Touch Screen

Optional Features

  • Tower Light (with buzzer alarm)
  • Data Printer
  • Emergency Stop Switch
  • Line Height Change
  • Plate for Anchor
  • Remote Indicator
  • Cross Plate
  • Product Guide
  • Wind Shield (full cover)
  • Wind Shield (top)
  • Wind Shield (protector)
  • CE Marking
  • FCC Marking

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