News | September 17, 2018

VeriPac Vacuum Decay Technology Showcased At Pack Expo International

VeriPac systems

Vacuum decay is a test method that has been proven over decades and improved with new technology innovations. The test method is simple in principle and challenges container integrity based on fundamental physical properties. It involves drawing vacuum on a package within a test chamber and monitoring the vacuum level for any decay, which would indicate a leak. The method established itself as a non-destructive replacement to the water bath leak test. It provides significant savings by not wasting product for a leak test, and generates return on investment in under six months for many products.

The new VeriPac Active Volume Control (AVC) has redefined what is achievable with a vacuum-based leak detection technology.

The next generation of VeriPac systems combines both technological innovation and practical adjustments to current technology to make it the most sensitive and versatile vacuum-based leak detection technology to date. PTI’s next generation of improvements are not an incremental improvement, but rather foundational shifts in how the technology will serve the food, pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

Source: PTI - Packaging Technologies & Inspection

PTI - Packaging Technologies & Inspection