Unitherm Infra-Red Pasteurization System

Source: Unitherm Food Systems Inc.

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Datasheet: Unitherm Infra-Red Pasteurization System

U.S. Patent #6,780,448
U.S. Patent #6,867,392

The Unitherm Infra-Red Pasteurization Process has been developed for the reduction of pathogens. Today there are over 60 systems in the industry. The applications range from pathogen reduction to shelf-life extension. When a system is to be used as a process for pathogen reduction, we recommend that a specific protocol be adhered to that is identified with a specified lethality rate. Protocols can be established at Oklahoma State University.

The Infra-Red Pasteurizer has been accepted by F.S.I.S. to re-categorize product. You will find it at www.FSIS.USDA.gov. It should also be understood that the process has been scientifically proven as required by the U.S.D.A.. A forward copy of this was given to F.S.I.S. for consideration prior to the new directive. The paper itself went through probate, where a wider audience of scientists reviewed the data prior to publication. We are certain that this process, when applied to food safety, achieves an unmatched lethality step with unparalleled cost-effectiveness.

About the Process

The target audience is pre-cooked RTE meat products, for example, ham or turkey loaf that has been exposed to cross-contamination prior to final packaging. This product can be put through the I.R. system, typically in 60 seconds, to achieve a 3.5-log reduction. More simply, the product is over 1,000 times safer. Product should be packaged immediately, or at least within 10 minutes. The time between exiting the I.R. system and final packaging is the critical exposure time for re-contamination, so care should be taken to manage this environment and the associates working there.

Technical Specifications:

Material of Construction: Stainless steel

Controls: Housed in a stainless steel NEMA 4X box

Control Components: Allen Bradley


  • Single-Lane System - 12 units per minute
  • Dual-Lane System - 24 units per minute

    Service Connections:

  • Electric - 480 V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz, 100 A
  • Water - 1" NPT mains supply
  • Exhaust - 500 CFM

    Click Here To Download:
    Datasheet: Unitherm Infra-Red Pasteurization System

    SOURCE: Unitherm Food Systems Inc.