Tomra Sorter for Potato Processors with Peel Control

Source: TOMRA Sorting Solutions

The TOMRA 5A sorting system, a state-of-the-art machine for the potato processing business, supports processors by combining a straightforward and brand-new graphical user interface with stable sorting performance, while increasing the level of food safety and quality with minimal product waste.

With food safety and quality being a top priority for consumers and processors alike, this innovative machine goes the extra mile to achieve optimum performance with the new peel control module, an extra add-on system. The TOMRA 5A sorter also boasts the industry’s highest sort capacity, namely 55 tons of potatoes an hour, which is a very high capacity combined with a small footprint.

The peel control module, which can connect to multiple sorting machines, takes potato data from the TOMRA 5A sorter for dependable measurements of the peel removal levels. Using proven process control techniques to achieve the desired peel removal, the optimal steam time is then calculated and sent directly to the steam peeler. Consequently, the result is lower peel loss and less food waste, with no operator supervision required.

The TOMRA 5A sorter ensures superior foreign material removal, effectively discarding items such as corn cobs, wood, stems, plastics, glass and even stray golf balls. This process minimizes the risk of food contamination further down the line and leads to improved product quality.

The sorter also has improved sanitation features which have been designed and developed in accordance with the latest food hygiene standards and specifications.