News | December 22, 2015

TOMRA Continues To Beef-Up Its Presence In The Meat Industry

Source: TOMRA Sorting Solutions

TOMRA Sorting Solutions continues to expand its presence in the meat industry, delivering a range of machines, from analytical to sorting solutions, for different types of product.

Demand for the company’s established QVision fat analyser continues to grow, with a multitude of new orders from Europe and North America. The QVision system, launched three years ago, allows meat processors to secure the maximum benefits available from in-line fat analysis and real time process control. Many of the initial users have placed repeat orders, proving the effectiveness of the system for their operations.

QVision’s unique and patented analysis technology, penetrating up 25mm into the meat, delivers the highest accuracy measurement of fat, moisture and protein for in-line meat. In blended meat productions, it allows immediate process control, ensuring that each batch is exactly formulated to the target fat percentage. This removes the need for sampling and correction time, resulting in increased output for the manufacturers. The QVision supports production capacities up 30 tons per hour.

Thorsten Niermeyer, business unit manager, Process Analytics, TOMRA Sorting Solutions, says: “Even with cutting patterns and experienced employees, large variations in the fat levels of traded meat remains. This is where the real-time measurement information of the QVision delivers the ability for processors to be in full control of their suppliers as well their production. In-line analysis of fat, protein, collagen and moisture in fresh and frozen meat at any grind size, combined with the weight information delivers ongoing and precise data for the ingredients as well as the finished batches.”

“In addition to capacity increase and the reduction of lean giveaway, the QVision helps customers to get better yield from their raw materials, while ensuring consistent product quality. This eliminates the risk of ‘out of spec’ fat claims.”

The EU put into force a regulation (EC) 1169/2011 in January 2014 stating that, in addition to the fat content, the collagen/meat protein ratio must be displayed on all consumer packaging for minced meat products. In response to this, TOMRA has released a new software version for the QVision analyser. This allows the measurement and recording of collagen, protein and the respective ratio, ensuring producers are compliant with current legislation.

Since its introduction to the market, TOMRA says the QVision has proven to be an effective and popular solution for meat processors. The system reaffirms the company’s position as a leading provider of cutting-edge technology and expertise within the meat industry.

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Source: TOMRA Sorting Solutions