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The Fitzpatrick Company And Quadro Engineering Corp. Continue To Be A Leading Innovator In Powder Processing With The Scalable Lab System Milling Platform

Waterloo, ON /PRNewswire/ -- Last year, the Fitzpatrick Company and Quadro Engineering Corp. launched the Scalable Lab System (SLS), the latest incarnation of their lab-scale L1A FitzMill, and U5 Comil combination package, originally introduced six years ago. The newest offering includes five material processing and milling solutions: Fitzpatrick's FitzMill L1A Comminutor, Quadro's U5 and U5 High-Efficiency Comil, FlexSift S5, and H5 High Energy API Comil.

The new system enables operators to alternate between multiple milling solutions in seconds, due to its innovative tri-clamp design. The head interchangeability is suitable for milling and/or wet material conditioning, as a stand-alone or to complement lab-scale wet granulation systems. It enables operators to process samples as small as 5 grams with minimal loss or product retention, and +50 kg/hr milling for certain products.

The Scalable Lab System utilizes smart-detect, a unique lab equipment feature that automatically ensures the appropriate speed range is fixed by recognizing the head is installed. Thus, a critical parameter for ensuring scalability to production machines is maintained. It intuitively and seamlessly facilitates the transfer of operating parameters from small sample R&D tests, to full-scale production machines.

Formulators, Scientists, Researchers & Developers, and Technical Transfer Specialists can opt for a single platform and select the most suitable milling technology with minimal capital investment and reduced overall space requirements.

Wilf Sanguesa, Product Manager, MPT Pharmaceutical Processing at Quadro Engineering / The Fitzpatrick Company, commented: "Quadro and Fitzpatrick have pioneered the flexibility of interchangeable milling heads in their respective fields. Since 2002, Fitzpatrick's L1A lab model has afforded users the flexibility to interchange FitzMill and Conical mill heads. Quadro introduced the ComilSift in 2009, the first production-scale, single platform, dual-head interchangeable system for milling and/or security screening. With this heritage and our technical focus on delivering scalable and predictable material processing/milling results, we believe the new platform offers a standout, disruptive solution to the market."

The Fitzpatrick Company and Quadro Engineering Corp., Business Units of IDEX Material Processing Technologies have been trusted partners of the majority of the world's top pharmaceutical, chemical, and food ingredient processing customers and together, are celebrating over 120 years of powder processing innovation excellence. Co-located in Waterloo, ON, Canada.

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SOURCE: The Fitzpatrick Company and Quadro Engineering Corp.

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