SUPRApak™ Depth Filter Modules


This efficient, economical, and innovative solution is the future of depth filtration with filter sheets.

Increased demand for environmentally compatible production processes and product quality in the food and beverage industry has intensified the need to seek out alternative filtration systems. At the same time, cost pressures demand that filter systems are simple to operate with low staffing costs.

The unique filter matrix comprised of cellulose, diatomite, and perlite combined with the surface, depth, and adsorptive filtration capabilities of filter sheets makes them an attractive option for a very wide range of applications.

Classic sheet filters have considerable disadvantages, such as the high cost of filter change-outs and cleaning, an open system combined with drip losses, the risk of microbiological contamination, and the space required for the filter assembly. However, it is not always possible to replace filter sheets with different filtration systems economically and efficiently due to stringent, and at times, complex filtration requirements.

In response to industry demands to replace classic sheet filters, Pall has introduced the new SUPRApak filter module. Based on proven Seitz sheet technology, SUPRApak modules are revolutionizing the market for depth filters with sheet filtration.