Case Study

Suncore Products Covered From 'Beginning-To-End'

Source: Aptean

As a new company, Suncore Products, makers of WhoNu? cookies did not yet have any business software systems; they needed software that would cover them from “beginning-to-end,” including the trade spend management part of their business, says Tawnya Ver Duft, Senior Systems Manager, of Suncore Products. Ver Duft was the ERP selection project lead and implementation team, which also included the CFO and the Director of Operations. Ver Duft had ERP experience, including SAP and QAD Software, from her years working at other food companies.

Ver Duft’s team reviewed 20 different ERP vendors, narrowing their choice down to JustFoodERP. Read more about their JustFoodERP implementation and how they overcame their business pains.