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Traditional Medicinals Find The Answer To Move Blended Product Gently

Source: VAC-U-MAX
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With over 34 years in the herbal supplement arena, Traditional Medicinals has combined the ancient art of traditional formulating with the most modern scientific methods of quality assurance and production, and remains dedicated to preserving earth’s natural resources, both human and natural.

Already a leader in sustainability, operating 70 percent from solar power, the company, located in Sebastopol, CA, continues its commitment to preserving human resources by continually improving the work environment for its employees, striving for the most desirable and safe workplace.

At the facility that operates 20 hours a day, four days per week to produce 2 million teabags per week, raw materials are brought in from around the world in already tea cut form, reinspected and repackaged into barrel containers to feed into the blenders via a hopper system. Once the formulas are blended, they are transferred to the packaging area where they are gravity fed from a mezzanine level to IMA machines that process between 135 and 185 teabags per minute.