Sigma Air Manager 4.0

Source: Kaeser Compressors, Inc.

System controller for compressed air systems
Compressed air is one of your biggest utility costs. Too often, compressors in multi-unit systems operate on their individual control signals and are not well integrated. Much energy is wasted by running more machines than necessary and at higher pressures than needed. Other problems include fluctuating pressure, as well as increased maintenance and repair costs due to excess valve cycling and motor starts. Kaeser’s Sigma Air Manager 4.0 offers complete  compressed air system management for chemical plants and facilities by tying your compressors, blowers, or vacuum units together into a secure Sigma Network. SAM 4.0 can also balance load hours for more effective maintenance scheduling.

3Dadvanced control analyzes all operating data on an ongoing basis, simulates alternative actions and calculates the perfect combination of  compressors, blowers, or vacuum units to meet demand . The result: Unprecedented energy efficiency. SAM 4.0's easy operation, visualization, analysis capabilities, and secure network technology enables real-time system monitoring from any PC.

And if you have big plans for the future: Sigma Air Manager 4.0 is designed to grow with your system. A simple software upgrade allows expanding the master controller without the need for additional new hardware.

Your advantages

  • Smart: Sigma Air Manager 4.0 not only reduces switching losses, but it takes into account various compressed air system parameters and uses the gathered information to calculate the optimum performance values.
  • Secure: Together the Sigma Air Manager 4.0 and the powerful Ethernet-based Kaeser Sigma Networkform a future-dynamic infrastructure that meets all requirements for a highly-secure industrial control system.
  • Efficient: Continuously fine tunes the system in order to achieve optimum energy efficiency (energy management in accordance with ISO 50001). Predictive, demand-oriented maintenance is available as an option to keep life cycle costs to an absolute minimum.

Innovative – The adaptive 3Dadvanced control

The adaptive 3Dadvanced control algorithm orchestrates all components in your Kaeser compressed air systems. As a result, just the right amount of compressed air power is provided to suit the specific needs of the application, with maximum energy efficiency.

The unique adaptive 3Dadvanced control continuously analyzes the relationship between various parameters (e.g. switching and control efficiency), and pro-actively calculates the optimum combination from a range of many in order to achieve optimum efficiency. Not only are starts and stops taken into consideration, but so too are idling and frequency converter losses. Moreover, the compressed air system's pressure performance value is optimized and average pressure is reduced.