News | May 3, 1999

SI Handling Systems Expands Capability in AGV Markets

SI Handling Systems, Inc. (Easton, PA), a supplier of integrated materials handling solutions, has completed the acquisition of Modular Automation Corp. ("MAC") of Greene, NY. MAC supplies Automated Guided Vehicle ("AGV") systems for warehousing, distribution, and progressive assembly applications.

Len Yurkovic, vice chairman and CEO, said, "The acquisition of the AGV technology from MAC complements SI's growing market in AGV systems, enhancements, and refurbishments. The MAC technology will allow SI to service those market segments that are seeking delivery and assembly systems that can be installed and modified quickly and easily."

Yurkovic continues, "MAC AGV systems employ reliable wire or optically guided vehicles. The MAC 1-2-3 operating software allows rapid modification of vehicle routing, traffic control, and guidepath layouts, thereby minimizing the need for customization and complex software changes that have hindered many business enterprises from applying the cost savings of AGVs in the past. The MAC AGVs can operate autonomously from higher-level control systems, thereby decreasing the costs of integration into the customer's current business environment. The MAC AGV systems offer simple replacements for fork truck and manual delivery of goods in warehousing and manufacturing applications."

SI Handling Systems, Inc. markets, designs, sells, manufactures, installs, and services fully automated, integrated materials handling systems for manufacturers and distributors in most market categories.