Article | November 11, 2014

2014 Secondary Packaging Market Research Study

Source: PMMI
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Secondary packaging engineers continue to look for cost savings wherever possible. Light-weighting materials, using more recycled corrugated board and reducing the volume of secondary packaging remains top of mind. The traditional role of secondary packaging has been to protect the primary package as it travels through the supply chain to its final retail destination. Secondary packaging is now playing a dual role and increasingly becoming a merchandising tool to attract consumers at the point of sale.

PMMI’s 2014 report on secondary packaging delivers up-to-date awareness on the trends that continue to drive change, how consumer package goods (CPG) companies are lowering overall packaging costs and what machine builders can expect in future end-of-line equipment needs.

The secondary packaging industry remains dynamic. The trends in 2008 and those identified in 2014 will continue to affect and influence decisions in the future.