Salmonella - Atlas Salmonella SEN Detection Assay

Source: Roka Bioscience, Inc.
Salmonella - Atlas Salmonella SEN Detection Assay

A rapid and highly accurate molecular assay for detecting Salmonella bacteria in food and environmental samples.

The Atlas® Salmonella SEN Detection Assay brings speed and accuracy to molecular testing of food and environmental samples for the presence of Salmonella, a family of bacteria that is responsible for more foodborne hospitalizations than any other pathogen.1 Any raw food of animal origin, such as meat, poultry, milk and dairy products, eggs, seafood, and some fruits and vegetables, may carry Salmonella bacteria, which can also contaminate other foods that come in contact with raw meat and poultry. The Atlas Salmonella SEN Detection Assay, which is run on the Atlas System, is designed to assist the food safety industry in Salmonella testing as a means to ensure the quality and safety of the nation’s food supply.

The Atlas Salmonella SEN Detection Assay offers unparalleled ease of use while maintaining accuracy and sensitivity. While other tests require tedious multistep preparation processes, the Atlas Salmonella SEN Detection Assay has an easy 3-step process that generates accurate results faster:

  1. Enrich—a single enrichment step with commercially available media; 24 hours for Salmonella, 12 hours for Salmonella perishables
  2. Transfer—no multichannel pipetting, centrifugation, or heating required
  3. Automate—place the transfer tube directly into the instrument and walk away